Tuesday, May 5, 2009

let the blogging begin!

been meaning to set 1 of these up for quite a while now but just been too lazy i suppose. just back from the monte carlo EPT which meant no online poker for a week. (break from computers) so now is a good time to set 1 up i guess.

never really got goin in the main event, busted 5 mins from the end of day 1. folded to me on the button with A 10 sooty ive 18k blinds 400 800 75 ante. i raise to 2400 sb raises to 6400 i ship he calls with AQ gg me. :( guy who knocked me out went on to win it so at least i can say i was beaten by the best! lol. i was on the same table the whole day and it looked like a pretty awful table draw for me. had julian thew to my immediate left and juha helpi to his left. neither of them really got going either though, juha got moved after a couple of levels shortstacked and julian got knocked out a couple of levels later.

finished 7 off the money in a 1k side event with 250 runners. :mad: pushed 44 for 11 bbs from the cutoff ran into AA. :( was very happy with how i played in this even so sucked not to cash.

anyway overall monte carlo is a pretty shit place tbh. "alcatraz for millionares" the devilfish called it. nice place to go and witness i suppose. it is beautiful like. yachts and cars are pretty sick. a real eye opener in this "global recession" lol! reminder that therell always be sick wealth in the world no matter how things get. never seen so many super cars in 1 place in my life. in dublin guys cruise around in pimped out civics and lancers with noisey exhausts. over there they cruise around in lambos and ferraris. the older ones drive rollers bentleys and astons. lol

only decent night out i had was my last 1 when myself my girlfriend (helen) francis mcCormac (wally) roy brindley and the devilfish and his girlfriend were out. devilfish was a good laugh. 1st hour was just him and roy telling jokes. roy went home early cos they were flying out earlyish the next morning. (lightweight!!) imo. anyway we ended up goin back to a bar in the monte carlo bay hotel which had a pool table. and so me an the fish played 2 random english guys in a game of doubles. pwned them obv. no thx to me though tbh. he tried to convince them at the start to put a few quid on it but they werent having none of it unfortunately. ok im starting to ramble so ill finish up now. was my 1st time really meeting wally and roy and they seem pretty cool.ok so thats it for now leave me a comment or whatever if any1 actually reads this lol. peace out back to grinding online for me :)


  1. Good start Mick keep it up, 50/50 poker and real like content is a good mix imo

  2. Great!
    good start!

    I hope your blog grows!

    will read it.. gl

    pitty that ATs didnt suck out :(