Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hectic weekend! Collected my new car on Friday then straight to the Citywest for the teamcop. Was really looking forward to this event and I felt we had a real chance of winning it. It only got 19 teams (114 players) and that was the only bad thing I can say about the event. Great banter, perfect venue,friendly staff and just a great atmosphere in general. Real pity it didnt get a bigger crowd.

I was chatting with my team before the event and I was joking with Jude saying I reckon he could be a bit of a liability in this event. Saying he"d either be gone in the 1st level or he"d win it. Unfortunately he was the 1st player eliminated and we were under pressure straight away. Not alot he could do in fairness as he was set over setted. We lost another player (Brian Rickard) at the end of day 1 and so there was 4 of us remaining going into day 2. We had our work cutout as there were still some teams with all six players. But it was still anyones game. There were some really strong teams in it. I didnt have a room booked on Friday so I ended up just driving home. Stayed on the Saturday night and went on the drink. Its just no fun driving home alone from a poker festival sober!

The tourney was full of the regular faces and there was some sick tables at times. At one point in day 2 my table consisted of myself, Nicky Power, John o Shea, Paul Leckey, Rob Taylor and Dave Masters. Alot tougher than the average €250 tourney. Was great crack at the table and there was lots of banter. (even though most of it was Nicky and John abusing me!) Although neither of them got a chip off me so I was happy enough. Also had a side bet with John which I won so that was sweet. Pretty happy with how I played in general over the weekend and eventually went on to finish 2nd losing heads up to Dave Masters.Played with Dave most of the tourney and he played really well throughtout the tournament so welldone to him and his team on winning the team event too. Deserved winners. Also welldone to Dara finishing 2nd in the side event. Yet another solid result for him.

Our team tied for 2nd with team Eglinton. Another very strong team. So we chopped 2nd and 3rd place prize money given each team €3750. If I had won the heads up we would have finished 2nd but wasnt much difference in the prize money so didnt really matter to the team. There was however €1100 difference in the individual prize money. Finsihed the weekend with a profit of €3k after side bets etc. so was very happy with that.

Drove home on Sunday and I unregistered from two sit an gos which I was due to play on stars. the weekly vip sng with a stars pro. Wasnt in the humour of playing online so just chilled out and went for dinner instead.

Online has been pretty meh lately as I havent been running too good. Putting in a decent volume though so Im racking up the fpps. Have to grind hard this week after taking 3 days off over the weekend. Also myself Derek Murray and Jude Ainsworth are heading to Barcelona next Tuesday for the Barce ept. So wont be playing much online while Im over there.On a bit of a live heater atm which hopefully can continue over there. Quick recap of my last 4 tourneys

Waterford €170 side event 91 players : Done a 3 way chop

Fitwilliam monthly €270 130 players : Done a 5 way chop

Macua Irish Classic €1100 158 players : 12th

Teamcop €250 114 players : 2nd

Pretty impressive run which hopefully can keep up.
Ye so were heading over on the 1st and theres a €1100 event on the 2nd which we"ll all be playing. Theres also a €200 rebuy satelite on daily for the Main event. Hoping to get a seat in that.

So gonna put the head down this week online and play the Fitz monthly on Thursday which will be my only live outing until the ept. Should be a good few Irish over there. Finatn Gavin and a few others are goin afaik. Fintan will be lookin for a repeat of his result last year.

Anyway im fucking wrecked! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Macua report and new car

Online has been pretty uneventful so far this month. Kinda the way I like it really. Ive been putting in a decent volume and am basically even profitwise so far this month. made 50k vpps so far and hoping to hit 100k by the end of the month and reach 600k overall for the year.

So I headed down to cork on Friday morning for day 1b of the Irish classic. Got a plane down which was grand and id defo recommend it to anyone travelling to Cork. Takes about 40 mins which is pretty sweet and it only cost €25 return. travelled down on my own but stayed with Conor, one of my fellow team mates for the teamcop which were going to win this weekend.
Got off to a slow enough start in the tourney and wasnt 100% happy with how I was playing. Managed to grind away anyway and things picked up in day 2. much hapier with my how I was playing and hitting a few hands too.
Made a couple of really nice plays and a couple of hero calls getting my stack upto about 200k about 10 places from the money. Anyone who knows me will know Im not the type to tighten up around the bubble to scrape into the money. So sure enough I tried to build a big stack before the bubble. Was doin really well until I lost a big pot to the chip leader at my table, blind on blind. That crippled me and I was down to 90k chips four places from the money. Change of plan now decided I was gonna basically fold into the money which I did comfortably.
Eventually went on to finish 12th out of 158 players for 3k. Was hopin I was goin to chop my 3rd tourney in a row. which would have been pretty sick. Wasnt to be unfortunately but still a nice result. Made another €1400 from % swaps so that was nice too. Flew home on Sunday evening and took the rest of the night off and chilled out.

Treated myself to a new car on Monday. I had looked at it last week and wanted to bring a mechanic with me this time to make sure it wasmechanically sound.He said it seemed fine and so I bought it. Its a 01 BMW 325ci convertible. Always wanted a convertible even though theres not much point in Ireland. Im collecting it from the garage in a few days so Im excited about that. Now I have the agony of trying to sell my old car a 99 BMW 323ci. anyone interested give me a bell its a really nice car which has been well looked after with lots of extras and fsh etc.
thats it just gonna gring the rest of the week and hit the citywest for the teamcop on friday

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good July

Well as the title suggests July went well! Played 4 live tourneys in total, the wsop m.e cashed for $25k, the waterford masters, nowhere in that.chopped the side event for €2850 and the fitzwilliam end of month chopped that for €4750. Making July my most profitable live month to date.
Online was pretty uneventfull took about 21 days off because of vegas and waterford but still managed to make over $10k thanks to the milestone bonuses.Stars are doin a reload bonus at the minute which is basically free money. Its a 50% reload bonus upto $300. So thats always nice. I know its only $300 but hey that used to be 2 days hard work on the roofs for me so not to be sniffed at.
Next live outing for me will be the Iirsh classic in the Macua in Cork. whick Im looking forward to. Hopefully my form can continue there. Thats it for now, back to the grind..........