Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good July

Well as the title suggests July went well! Played 4 live tourneys in total, the wsop m.e cashed for $25k, the waterford masters, nowhere in that.chopped the side event for €2850 and the fitzwilliam end of month chopped that for €4750. Making July my most profitable live month to date.
Online was pretty uneventfull took about 21 days off because of vegas and waterford but still managed to make over $10k thanks to the milestone bonuses.Stars are doin a reload bonus at the minute which is basically free money. Its a 50% reload bonus upto $300. So thats always nice. I know its only $300 but hey that used to be 2 days hard work on the roofs for me so not to be sniffed at.
Next live outing for me will be the Iirsh classic in the Macua in Cork. whick Im looking forward to. Hopefully my form can continue there. Thats it for now, back to the grind..........

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