Monday, June 29, 2009

Early exit

played the $1500 wsop event yesterday. it sold out and got around 2800 players. i lasted about 2 and a half hours unfortunately. never got going at all and went out in a race. at least i wasnt sitting there for 12 hours to finish just outside the cash. albert kenny arrived over a couple of days ago and is still in the event going into day 3 with 30 players left. hopefully he goes well tomorrow and final tables it. $660k for the winner. 5% of that will do me nicely.i unregistered from 2moros $1500 event. wasnt too pushed on playing it. so ill just rail albert 2moro and then go to the ladbrokes party 2moro night

Saturday, June 27, 2009


played the venetian $340 on wednesday. it got 914 players and 88 paid. played really well and went deep. got knocked out 120th after about 12 hours. ggrrr!!! next day decided to give it another go, this time it was a $550 and got 664 players with 68 paid. i finished 82nd in this. another 12 hours poker for nothing! ggrrhhh! was really happy with how i played in both so sucks to play for like 24 hours in 2 days and be down $900. ah well, the score will come im sure.

bein doing really well playing live cash games over. i made it my business before i came over to try and develop my live cash game over here. up over $5k from playing $2-$5 and a $5-$10 session. so gotta be happy with that. havent played any more sngs which i planned. so so far ive played 4 mtts and im down $4400 played 1 sng up $970 and a decent amount of cash sessions which im up over $5k. so in small profit for the trip which is nice.

went out on the lash last night after the tourney, had a great night so chilled out all day 2day and we went to see the hangover tonight which was cool. chubbs arrived yesterday and albert kenny arrived 2day so the irish crew is increasing all the time. most of us are playing the wsop $1500 event tomorrow which is sold out. 2800 players max. not sure if therell be alternates. hopefully this will be the 1 for me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

2nd event down

made an early enough exit from the $1500. was gone and all by the end of the 4th level. got it all in on the flop with a gutshot and a flushdraw. all the irish that are here seemed to be playing in it. every1 i know was gone early. wasnt in the mood of any poker after that. bumped into derek murray in the rio and spent the rest of the day chilling out had a few beers with him and jude in the room. jude is playing the $5k shootout today so best of luck to him. hes the only irish i know playing it. i havent any events now until saturday so ill prob try play the venetian at least once before then. gonna try play a few more live stts also

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd bracelet shot!

yesterday went well. had a bit of a lie on then went and done a bit of shopping, stocked up on the old food supplies. played my 1st live $1k sng yesterday which i came 3rd in for $2k but was pretty disappointed. there winner takes all games but deals can be done. so anyway we got down to 3 handed and well all had almost identical chipstacks so we decided to take $2k each and play on for $4k. up until now the game had actually bein playing fairly well but i still felt i had a big edge. neither of the other 2 guys seemed to be great. so after we done the deal i started picking up alot of small pots and before i knew it i had 25k (exactly half the chips in play). then this hand happens.
dealer who is playing 15k raises to 2400 with blinds at 400/800 im on sb with 25k and ship with 99. bb dwells up for ages and eventually calls for 9800. dealer folds. bb shows 9d 10d!! im like wtf! i know i had bein playing pretty loose and very agro at this stage but this call is shocking. anyway he obv hits a 10 and im down to 15k. got knocked out a few hands later blind on blind i had A 8 he had 99 and they held. so a disappointing finish but still $970 profit so cant be too angry. the rake in these games games is brilliant. its $15 on a $1k game which is pretty sweet.

played a few hours cash later on in the evening and won $1450 so was happy with that. i love the way when ur playing a live cash game over they give u lots of small demonination chips. like if u buy in to a cash game for $500 they give u it in all $5 chips. by the end of the night i was sitting there with $2150 all in $5s and some $1s. when i eventually dismantled my castle to cash out i filled 5 chip trays. lol.
anyway my 2nd wsop event the $1500 starts in 1 hour so hopefully i continue to run good when it counts

Friday, June 19, 2009

Close but no cigar

played my 1st event today which was the $2k nlh. it got 1695 players so a nice prizepool! i got off to a good start and was really happy with how i was playing then in level 4 i lost a 10k pot when my kk was no match for 10 10 all in preflop. never really recovered from this and spent the rest of the day shortstacked. although i did battle on well. finished around 220th with 171 paid. got knocked out 30 mins from the end of the day. i seem to be making a habbit of this. my exit hand was standard enough i was down to 9800 with blinds of 500/1k folded to me on the button with 910s. i ship, bb calls with kj, no help on board gg me. : ( next event is on saturday. might play the ventian $500 tomorrow if im up early enough. john finished 24th in the $5k plo for $14k so nice result for him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vegas Baby!

in vegas eventually after what felt like about 3 days travelling. got to the apt. about 7pm freshned up and headed out for something to eat. then straight to the live cash grind. donked off $800 very quickly. by 1am i could barely keep my eyes open so decided to head to bed and try sort out the jet lag. got up at like 7am this morning. body clock seems pretty fucked! done a couple of hours online and won $1k. done some more $2 $5 grinding in the rio and picked up $650. went for a walk down to the strip with paul to check out a few more casinos. quiet enough so far. john is still in the $5k plo going into 2moro aroung 60 players left and 36 paid i think. so good luck to him. im off to bed to get a good nights kip before my 1st event 2moro.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vegas here I come

well im starting to get pretty excited about vegas now. flying over at 11.15 am tuesday morning and due to arrive in vegas at 6.30pm U.S time. Ive spoke to john and paul who im staying with over there for the 1st couple of weeks and they both seem happy enough with the apartment so thats good. Helen is coming over on the 2nd of july and so ill be staying in the suite in the palms place from then on. very nice room! 2 balconies with sick views of the strip. two 42" plasmas jacuzzi etc.

made up my mind which events ill be playing over there. here they are.

Thu, Jun 18th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 36) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


Sat, Jun 20th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 39) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


Sat, Jun 27th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 51) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


Mon, Jun 29th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 54) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


and of course the $10k main event which starts july a total of 5 events and $16.5k buyins. hopefully i can run good in a couple of them. im put into the main event by stars for bein elite so thats nice. gonna play a few of the venetian and ceasers daily $500 and $1k tourneys too. stars party is on the 9th of july and nelly is performing at it this year. guaranteed to be a great night! free food and drinks etc. UFC 100 is on 11th july and i really wanna go to that.

online has bein goin much better the past week or so. was due a big week cos may was so shit. this week i played 705 sngs and made $4043 profit. also came 2nd in the uranus low orbit leaderboard and 3rd in the saturn hign orbit. so thats good for $1500 i think. made around 24k vpps. so altogether just under $8k for the week. nice way to finish up before vegas. always good to finish on a winning streak before a break. gonna try play a few online sessions while in vegas. not much obv just like 2 sessions a week. usually when i go away i never play any online poker but a month is just too long! id be afraid id get rusty or something. lol anyway thats it for now, ill post when im in vegas and settled. any1 reading wholl be in vegas in the next couple of weeks gimme a holla.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May...... Meh

5 months down 7 to go in this year. and may was pretty meh! manchester was shit for obvious reasons. not just because we lost. weather, room mix ups nothing seemed to go right! 1 of the worse trips iver ever been on actually. anyway poker wise may was pretty shit too. played live once (the jp irish masters) which i came 10th in for 2250 profit. so that was ok. online i played almost 2300 sngs and was down $4k. not as bad as it sounds though cos i did get the $3k bonus for reaching 300 vpps. and made $450 from the sng leaderboards and made 350k fpps so still made a couple of k for the month. still not putting in enough hours though. especially with the hot weather recently ive been finding it hard to motivate myself to play.

so far this year ive earned 340k vpps which isnt great. i had planned on reaching the 400k mark before vegas but that looks unlikely now seen as its less than 2 weeks away. looking forward to that obv. my connection has been very dodgey on stars for the past week or so and is really annoying when playing so many tables. dont know what is causing it but really hope it gets better quick. also a game i was doin really well in has stopped filling up for some reason. so that sucks. its a relatively new gam on stars $100 90 man triple up. basically 1-30th gets $300. only played 30 odd of them but was running really well so disappointed they stopped filling.

cant make the short handed tourney thats on this weekend unfortunately as its my friends childs christening on saturday. would really have like to play this as i never played a live 6 max tourney. it should be a great game. might try play the side event on sunday if im not too hungover. could well be my last live game before vegas.