Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd bracelet shot!

yesterday went well. had a bit of a lie on then went and done a bit of shopping, stocked up on the old food supplies. played my 1st live $1k sng yesterday which i came 3rd in for $2k but was pretty disappointed. there winner takes all games but deals can be done. so anyway we got down to 3 handed and well all had almost identical chipstacks so we decided to take $2k each and play on for $4k. up until now the game had actually bein playing fairly well but i still felt i had a big edge. neither of the other 2 guys seemed to be great. so after we done the deal i started picking up alot of small pots and before i knew it i had 25k (exactly half the chips in play). then this hand happens.
dealer who is playing 15k raises to 2400 with blinds at 400/800 im on sb with 25k and ship with 99. bb dwells up for ages and eventually calls for 9800. dealer folds. bb shows 9d 10d!! im like wtf! i know i had bein playing pretty loose and very agro at this stage but this call is shocking. anyway he obv hits a 10 and im down to 15k. got knocked out a few hands later blind on blind i had A 8 he had 99 and they held. so a disappointing finish but still $970 profit so cant be too angry. the rake in these games games is brilliant. its $15 on a $1k game which is pretty sweet.

played a few hours cash later on in the evening and won $1450 so was happy with that. i love the way when ur playing a live cash game over they give u lots of small demonination chips. like if u buy in to a cash game for $500 they give u it in all $5 chips. by the end of the night i was sitting there with $2150 all in $5s and some $1s. when i eventually dismantled my castle to cash out i filled 5 chip trays. lol.
anyway my 2nd wsop event the $1500 starts in 1 hour so hopefully i continue to run good when it counts

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