Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vegas here I come

well im starting to get pretty excited about vegas now. flying over at 11.15 am tuesday morning and due to arrive in vegas at 6.30pm U.S time. Ive spoke to john and paul who im staying with over there for the 1st couple of weeks and they both seem happy enough with the apartment so thats good. Helen is coming over on the 2nd of july and so ill be staying in the suite in the palms place from then on. very nice room! 2 balconies with sick views of the strip. two 42" plasmas jacuzzi etc.

made up my mind which events ill be playing over there. here they are.

Thu, Jun 18th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 36) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


Sat, Jun 20th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 39) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


Sat, Jun 27th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 51) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


Mon, Jun 29th12:00 PM3-Day Event
No-Limit Hold’em (Event 54) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet


and of course the $10k main event which starts july a total of 5 events and $16.5k buyins. hopefully i can run good in a couple of them. im put into the main event by stars for bein elite so thats nice. gonna play a few of the venetian and ceasers daily $500 and $1k tourneys too. stars party is on the 9th of july and nelly is performing at it this year. guaranteed to be a great night! free food and drinks etc. UFC 100 is on 11th july and i really wanna go to that.

online has bein goin much better the past week or so. was due a big week cos may was so shit. this week i played 705 sngs and made $4043 profit. also came 2nd in the uranus low orbit leaderboard and 3rd in the saturn hign orbit. so thats good for $1500 i think. made around 24k vpps. so altogether just under $8k for the week. nice way to finish up before vegas. always good to finish on a winning streak before a break. gonna try play a few online sessions while in vegas. not much obv just like 2 sessions a week. usually when i go away i never play any online poker but a month is just too long! id be afraid id get rusty or something. lol anyway thats it for now, ill post when im in vegas and settled. any1 reading wholl be in vegas in the next couple of weeks gimme a holla.

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  1. Good luck in Vegas! Hope you make a big splash!