Friday, June 19, 2009

Close but no cigar

played my 1st event today which was the $2k nlh. it got 1695 players so a nice prizepool! i got off to a good start and was really happy with how i was playing then in level 4 i lost a 10k pot when my kk was no match for 10 10 all in preflop. never really recovered from this and spent the rest of the day shortstacked. although i did battle on well. finished around 220th with 171 paid. got knocked out 30 mins from the end of the day. i seem to be making a habbit of this. my exit hand was standard enough i was down to 9800 with blinds of 500/1k folded to me on the button with 910s. i ship, bb calls with kj, no help on board gg me. : ( next event is on saturday. might play the ventian $500 tomorrow if im up early enough. john finished 24th in the $5k plo for $14k so nice result for him.

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