Thursday, July 29, 2010


Havent been updating much at all recently. No excuses really just bein very lazy since I got back from Vegas. The week before Vegas I played the Killarney UKIPT and eventually finished 16th. Lost 99% of my chips in a big pot just before I went out with AA v 10 10 so that sucked but what made it worse was that the player I was up against was Michael Hill. Who went on to overtake me on the UKIPT overall leaderboard and go top. Im currently 5th with 3 events to go so still well in contention and Ill be playing the remaining 3 events including EPT London.


No success in Vegas although it was probably the best Holiday Ive ever been on. UFC was even better than I expected and I eventually got round to going to the Grand Canyon. Few great nights out and a few shows kept me well away from poker. Didnt play any other poker over there live or online apart from the main event.

Online so far this year

Hard to believe the year is over half way through already. Really seems to have flew in. I just hope the 2nd half goes as good as the 1st half did. Done alot better than I expected too thanks to my success in the steps and mtts. At the beginning of the year I was slightly concerned about where the bread and butter was gonna come from this year cos I wasnt even sure what games I was gonna be playing. Sngs which I crushed before have become unbeatable for me without rakeback and so I had to look at other options. I always wanted to give the steps a real shot but was never willing to deal with the massive downswings involved in €2k sngs. Anyway at the beginning of the year I had 3 step 6 tickets in my account I decided that if I won anything from these I would leave it in the steps to mess around with. Luckily for me I ran good at them and won 2 out of the 3 getting a refund in the other. Havent looked back since in them and I now buy into any step 6/G which I feel has value in it. Only played 3 of them over the past month or so with no success making it 15/38 for the year in them. Mtts went very well too and I plan on playing more and more of these in the future.

Results for Jan-June

SNGS : -$15k

MTTS : +$75k

STEPS : +$105k

FPPS : +$43k


Live has been a bit of a dissapointment unfortunately with no big cashes. Chopped the Fitz monthly back in Jan for €7k and my 16th in Killarney for €2750 thats about it. Not good considering I played 2 EPTS, 1 NAPT, WSOP m.e, Irish Open and a few other tournaments but hopefully things will improve in the 2nd half of the year. Ive decided not to play EPT talinn. I will however be playing Villamoura, London and at least 1 other probably Barcelona or Prague.
Off to Galway today for a few nights, goin to the races so should be good craic. Bit of poker planned too. Playing the ICCC tonight a €1k sng with 10 players winner takes all, Its made up of 9 invitational players and an online qualifier so looking forward to that. Its actually bein streamed on tonight at 8pm GMT if anyone fancies watching me ship a handy €10k ; )

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Dreams over for another year unfortunately. Another rough day with a solid enough table. Didnt get JJ-AA all day when I picked up JJ in ep just before the dinner break. Raised it up, most agro player at the table put me all in from the bb and I called he had QQ. No suckout and so it was gg me. I could have folded but a combination of him bein the loosest player at the table, JJ bein the best hand Id got all day, and if I folded I only had 17k left made me call. Ah well! not the worse call Ive ever made but just hurts that bit more when its in the main event.

Francis Mccormack aka. Wally was at my table for the day and despite bein down to 4k at one point finished the day with 67k. So goodluck to him and any other remaining Irish.
Im gonna enjoy Vegas for the next week or so with no poker before I head home on Saturday

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 1 done and dusted

Not a great starting table. I only recognised 1 player on it who was Sammy Farha but it certainly wasnt a soft table. Everyone was playing fairly solid (with the exception of Sammy who played almost every hand) so there wasnt many easy chips to be had. We only lost 1 player the entire day which kinda sums up how the table played. My low point was 15k and high point 35k so happy to have finished on 33k. Grinded hard the last 3 hours of the day to go from 15k to 33k so that was good. Wasnt 100% happy with how I played overall. Spewed a few chips at times and missed value in some spots but nothing too awful. Day off tomorrow then back on Friday which is day 2a. Alot of Irish played today, most of whom survived. Best of luck to anyone playing tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Main Event time.

Bein pretty hectic the past week or so and never got round to updating this. In Vegas so dont plan on bein on the laptop too often so Ill do a report of UKIPT Killarney and online progress when I get home. Playing in the main event tomorrow which is Day 1c so Ill do a quick update with my chipcount at the end of the day.