Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Easy Game

Enjoyed the good weather over the weekend in Galway and a couple of days off. Got home Sunday evening and decided I was gonna play a few tourneys online after getting a taste of success with my $27k win last Sunday. Started at about 9pm and basically regd for any $50+ mtt that was starting in the next couple of hours. Played the million,2nd chance,Sunday 500 and a good few others. Played about 20 tourneys in total and was in for around $3k, before I knew it it was getting late and I only had 1 tourney left! Think I had 1 or 2 min cashes apart from this so needed a result from it. Also played a step 6 an failed to cash so 15/35 now for the year.
Anyway it was the $162 6 max and it got 982 players. I had a decent stack from about 100 out and was really happy with how I played. Went on to win it for a nice $25,778! Although I must admit I got very very lucky in the heads up battle.This was my favourite moment..
I was 2-1 down in chips at 1 stage and got it all in on a 9x 7x 4x board with Q 10 against 9 7. Not the best of shape Ive ever got it in and was typing gg wellplayed etc. when a 10 comes on the turn giving me a chance then BOOM 4 on the river!! WUHOO giving me the chip lead. Got lucky on the final hand too getting it in with 2nd pair against top pair but managed to suck out again. Nice to get really lucky for a change though and I have no problem admiting that I did.

Gave myself a day off Monday and enjoyed some more sun. Hard to motivate urself to grind away online when u won $26k the night before, didnt finish till 6am and its so nice outside. Chilled out most of the day but ended up playing a few hours Monday night. Played mostly steps but played a few tourneys too seen as Ive been running so well in them. Similar to Sunday before I knew it I only had 1 mtt left with no other cashes. This time it was the $50 rebuy. It got 340 players and again I went on to win it for $9,570. We actually done a chop heads up with me getting slightly more cos I had more chips. Another good nights work.

On a real heater atm and its totally taking my mind off missing Vegas. Ive been playing alot of mtts over the past few weeks to get my tournament game in tip top shape for the wsop. Up over $70k the past 3 weeks in mtts so must be doin something right. Heading down to Killarney tomorrow for the UKIPT so hopefully I can keep the form going and get a good run before Vegas

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tipping along nicely

Bein putting in alot of hours over the past week or so to make up for missing Vegas and I got rewarded for it. Played alot of mtts because I was online a few evenings and finally had a decent score in them. Final tabled the $100 rebuy 3 times coming 2nd for $7.5k, 4th for $7k and 2nd again on Sunday for $27k which is actually my biggest ever single win in an online mtt. Would have bein nice to have won it at least once but hey I wont complain with over $40k for the week. Finally sorted out my online mtt record too which a couple of people had bein winding me up about over the past few months! Ive always felt I had a really strong mtt game but lets face it we all over rate ourselves and my results have said otherwise so the stick was much deserved. Also helps when your friends with some of the most successfull tournament players in the world and get to watch them in action. Learned alot this way over the past few months.
Played 2 step 6s and failed to cash in either of them but done very well in steps 3-5 and built up a few more step 6 and G tickets. 15/34 now for the year in step 6s.

Debating on whether or not to Play EPT Tallinn in August but I reckon I will if anyone I know is going over. Gonna take a couple of days off this weekend and head down to Galway with Helen for a couple of nights and drink as much of the Galway water as I can before Vegas.. : )

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Update

Good steady week of grinding online since I got back from Alicante last Sunday. Actually was pretty dull until last night when I won a step 6 and came 2nd in the $100 1r1a turbo for $7.5k. So a nice $16k + day to cheer me up. Played 4 step 6s in total since my last update and won 1. So 15/32 for the year now which is sweet.

Played a live game on Thursday night in a new casino in Swords, which is the nearest casino to where I live now. It was there 1st monthly game and it was €230 + €20 so I decided to check it out. Only got 29 runners unfortuantely and I eventually finished 5th for my money back. Nice club though and I enjoyed the game.
Kinda sucks not being over at the WSOP at the minute as its obviously the main topic of conversation among poker players. I had big plans for the WSOP this year and planned on playing alot of events. For one reason or another and despite my bankroll bein healthier than its ever been Ill jus be going over for the main event so a bit pissed off about that but hey the WSOP will be there every year. Also I plan on playing at least 2 EPTs before the end of the calender year to make up for missing Vegas.

No big wins as of yet for the Irish in Vegas but today Nick Heather, better known as Salamander is lieing 4th in chips at the final table of a $1500 nlhe event. So the very best of luck to him. Nick recently won a mini ftops for $165k so obviously in good form and confidence will be high so great chance of scooping a bracelet. The Irish camps spirits seemed to be high heading over and this will do them no harm. Im sure Nick will have plenty of support and encouragement from the rest of the lads.

On 368k vpps for the year and still undecided about going for Elite. Gonna continue to grind hard over the next few weeks and just see how it goes. Next live event I have planned is the UKIPT in Killarney on the 24th of this month. I expect numbers to be affected for this as pretty much ever decent poker player (except me!!!) in the country will be over in Vegas. Thatll be my last live event beore heading to Vegas on the 3rd July for the main even. Got my tickets last week for UFC 116 Brock Lesnar v Shane Carwin and I actually cant wait for this! Im more excited about that than the WSOP if Im to be honest. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing..........