Friday, June 18, 2010

Tipping along nicely

Bein putting in alot of hours over the past week or so to make up for missing Vegas and I got rewarded for it. Played alot of mtts because I was online a few evenings and finally had a decent score in them. Final tabled the $100 rebuy 3 times coming 2nd for $7.5k, 4th for $7k and 2nd again on Sunday for $27k which is actually my biggest ever single win in an online mtt. Would have bein nice to have won it at least once but hey I wont complain with over $40k for the week. Finally sorted out my online mtt record too which a couple of people had bein winding me up about over the past few months! Ive always felt I had a really strong mtt game but lets face it we all over rate ourselves and my results have said otherwise so the stick was much deserved. Also helps when your friends with some of the most successfull tournament players in the world and get to watch them in action. Learned alot this way over the past few months.
Played 2 step 6s and failed to cash in either of them but done very well in steps 3-5 and built up a few more step 6 and G tickets. 15/34 now for the year in step 6s.

Debating on whether or not to Play EPT Tallinn in August but I reckon I will if anyone I know is going over. Gonna take a couple of days off this weekend and head down to Galway with Helen for a couple of nights and drink as much of the Galway water as I can before Vegas.. : )


  1. Nice mate, keep up the good work!

    Wish I could ship the pennies the way you do ;) Maybe if I played more than 10 hours a week I would... lolz.

  2. WP mick, nice results. Chat to you in Vegas

  3. Well played! Great score too. Feck the begrudgers - you know when you are good... hope the good run lasts for you!