Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 1 done and dusted

Not a great starting table. I only recognised 1 player on it who was Sammy Farha but it certainly wasnt a soft table. Everyone was playing fairly solid (with the exception of Sammy who played almost every hand) so there wasnt many easy chips to be had. We only lost 1 player the entire day which kinda sums up how the table played. My low point was 15k and high point 35k so happy to have finished on 33k. Grinded hard the last 3 hours of the day to go from 15k to 33k so that was good. Wasnt 100% happy with how I played overall. Spewed a few chips at times and missed value in some spots but nothing too awful. Day off tomorrow then back on Friday which is day 2a. Alot of Irish played today, most of whom survived. Best of luck to anyone playing tomorrow.

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