Saturday, July 10, 2010


Dreams over for another year unfortunately. Another rough day with a solid enough table. Didnt get JJ-AA all day when I picked up JJ in ep just before the dinner break. Raised it up, most agro player at the table put me all in from the bb and I called he had QQ. No suckout and so it was gg me. I could have folded but a combination of him bein the loosest player at the table, JJ bein the best hand Id got all day, and if I folded I only had 17k left made me call. Ah well! not the worse call Ive ever made but just hurts that bit more when its in the main event.

Francis Mccormack aka. Wally was at my table for the day and despite bein down to 4k at one point finished the day with 67k. So goodluck to him and any other remaining Irish.
Im gonna enjoy Vegas for the next week or so with no poker before I head home on Saturday

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