Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May...... Meh

5 months down 7 to go in this year. and may was pretty meh! manchester was shit for obvious reasons. not just because we lost. weather, room mix ups nothing seemed to go right! 1 of the worse trips iver ever been on actually. anyway poker wise may was pretty shit too. played live once (the jp irish masters) which i came 10th in for 2250 profit. so that was ok. online i played almost 2300 sngs and was down $4k. not as bad as it sounds though cos i did get the $3k bonus for reaching 300 vpps. and made $450 from the sng leaderboards and made 350k fpps so still made a couple of k for the month. still not putting in enough hours though. especially with the hot weather recently ive been finding it hard to motivate myself to play.

so far this year ive earned 340k vpps which isnt great. i had planned on reaching the 400k mark before vegas but that looks unlikely now seen as its less than 2 weeks away. looking forward to that obv. my connection has been very dodgey on stars for the past week or so and is really annoying when playing so many tables. dont know what is causing it but really hope it gets better quick. also a game i was doin really well in has stopped filling up for some reason. so that sucks. its a relatively new gam on stars $100 90 man triple up. basically 1-30th gets $300. only played 30 odd of them but was running really well so disappointed they stopped filling.

cant make the short handed tourney thats on this weekend unfortunately as its my friends childs christening on saturday. would really have like to play this as i never played a live 6 max tourney. it should be a great game. might try play the side event on sunday if im not too hungover. could well be my last live game before vegas.

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