Thursday, May 21, 2009

well not much to report really. been a pretty dull month so far. havent played live since the irish masters and online is going pretty shit. played over 1700 sngs so far this month and im down over $6k. last week though i did get a $3k bonus for reaching 300k vpps so that was nice. and ive earned 55k vpps so far this month, so im actually in profit despite bein down over $6k! lol pretty funny come to think of it. even when i lose i win. didnt expect to run great this month though tbh cos i ran above expectation last month and made well over $20k.

went to see "I love you man" and "fighting" in the past week neither of them were much use.bought myself a new mouse a few weeks back. anyone who sits at a computer 30+ hours a week clicking away on a mouse will quickly realise how important it is to have a really comfortable mouse! my old mouse was wireless and it was a little small. giving me pains in my hand. wireless mouses are a really bad idea for anyone multitabling online poker i soon found out. bein wireless they need batteries obv! and what happens when uve got like 18 sngs going and ur mouse goes dead? oh fuck! not good trust me. scampering around the room like a maniac pulling the backs of remote controls looking for replacement batteries while your being timed out of all ur sngs with AA etc. and all u can do is watch. so anyway ye decided to get myself a top wired 1 as i didnt want this to happen again. very bad for the oul nerves. the mouse cost 90 euro which I thought was a bit of a rip. but then i went to monte carlo and paid 7 euro for a twix. so 90 for a mouse actually seemed very reasonable.

bought myself a 1 bed apartment in bulgaria a couple of years ago and its finally ready. ive been talking to the manager of the complex recently, sent me pics etc. and so im really excited about seeing that. gonna try get over to check it out some time in august. jeez its less than 4 weeks to vegas. really looking forward to that. itll be the 1st time ill have been away from home for more than 2 weeks and so that should be interesting.

anyway thats about it for now heading to manchester on wed for the champions league final so that should be good. hopefully i can run better online for the rest of the month. and have a graph i can post that im not embarrased about. until next week peace out.

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