Saturday, June 27, 2009


played the venetian $340 on wednesday. it got 914 players and 88 paid. played really well and went deep. got knocked out 120th after about 12 hours. ggrrr!!! next day decided to give it another go, this time it was a $550 and got 664 players with 68 paid. i finished 82nd in this. another 12 hours poker for nothing! ggrrhhh! was really happy with how i played in both so sucks to play for like 24 hours in 2 days and be down $900. ah well, the score will come im sure.

bein doing really well playing live cash games over. i made it my business before i came over to try and develop my live cash game over here. up over $5k from playing $2-$5 and a $5-$10 session. so gotta be happy with that. havent played any more sngs which i planned. so so far ive played 4 mtts and im down $4400 played 1 sng up $970 and a decent amount of cash sessions which im up over $5k. so in small profit for the trip which is nice.

went out on the lash last night after the tourney, had a great night so chilled out all day 2day and we went to see the hangover tonight which was cool. chubbs arrived yesterday and albert kenny arrived 2day so the irish crew is increasing all the time. most of us are playing the wsop $1500 event tomorrow which is sold out. 2800 players max. not sure if therell be alternates. hopefully this will be the 1 for me.

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