Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vegas Baby!

in vegas eventually after what felt like about 3 days travelling. got to the apt. about 7pm freshned up and headed out for something to eat. then straight to the live cash grind. donked off $800 very quickly. by 1am i could barely keep my eyes open so decided to head to bed and try sort out the jet lag. got up at like 7am this morning. body clock seems pretty fucked! done a couple of hours online and won $1k. done some more $2 $5 grinding in the rio and picked up $650. went for a walk down to the strip with paul to check out a few more casinos. quiet enough so far. john is still in the $5k plo going into 2moro aroung 60 players left and 36 paid i think. so good luck to him. im off to bed to get a good nights kip before my 1st event 2moro.

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