Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waterford Open

Went down to Tramore on Friday for the Waterford open. Decided to drive down as its only 2 hours now. Great craic as I expected.
Main event didnt go to well for me though, played pretty shit tbh. and quickly bluffed off about 1/3rd of my stack. never hit a hand from then on and just dwindled away to nothing really. Got knocked out just before the end of the 1st days play. Stayed up drinking till the early hours though and had great craic. All the usual faces were there.

Decided to play the side event the next day cos everyone else seemed to be playing poker so there wasnt much else to do except go on the piss, so i decided to do both. Get pissed and play the tourney. Ended up running really well in this tourney and sucked out my fair share of times. 2 tables out I got my 89 aipf against smurphs AQ and rivered the 8. then soon after my A 3 aipf against Paul Smallwoods QQ. Was sure I was gonna win it then! When you play as good as I do AND! get lucky its impossible to lose! lol just kidding.
Done a 3 way deal in the end for €2850 each. So happy with that obv. although its a bit annoying to run so good in the smallest buy in tourney Ive played in a long time.

Couple of events coming up which im looking forward to. The Irish poker classic in the Macua in Cork which is a €1000+€100 is on the 13th-16th of August http://www.macausportingclub.com/skins/macau_special/eng/home/, and the Team Champiuonship of Poker in the Citywest is on the 21st-23rd of August. http://www.teamcop.com/ We have a really good team in this so I think we have a real chance of winning. Our team is Myself, Jude (j.thaddeus) Ainsworth, Conor Ainsworth, Derek (Greenrizla) Murray, Brian (Sunset king) Rickard and another guy from Galway who is a friend of dereks. Dereks told me hes a great player so thats good enough for me.

Thats all for now anyway gonna just grind online for the rest of the week and play the fitz monthly game on thursday

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