Friday, July 24, 2009

Back grinding away

Bein getting stuck in since I got home from vegas, Felt I had a bit of catching up to do after going basically a month without any online play. So Ive put in a decent voulme, even put in a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Bein doin quite well too which is nice. Always good to get straight back into things by winning. Made well over $10k since returning home, thanks mainly to the $4k and $5k milestone bonuses i got for reaching 400k and 500k vpps. Got 100k vpps for playing the WSOP so that helped. So Im exactly half way to elite this year. Would love to make it November some time so I could take December off, but dont think thats going to happen unfortunately. Maybe if I hadnt took 8 weeks so far this year off I would have been able to do it. But hey a man needs his holidays.

Ive also started playing some 6 max sngs recently. Main reason bein just to fill tables when Im playing during the day. playing mostly $119s and $235s. doin really well at them. Way too small a sample size to be making any assumptions but still good to get off to a good start when trying a new game. played 168 of them so far and am up over $5k with a 9% roi. highly doubt this is sustainable for me giving the amount of tables I play at once but will be interesting to see how my stats are after 1000 games.

Looks like I"ll be playing in the Late night stars of poker Tv series which is coming to Ireland later on in the year. sponsored by pokerstars. My chance to become a Team pro??? If I were to win this it would certainly increase my chances anyway. Given that I"ll be playing it as a Pokerstars pro. Dont have too many details about it yet just the ones in the link above. Looking forward to this anyway.

Heading down to Waterford today for the Waterford poker open. its a €400+50 3 day Main event which is expecting around 200 players. There is also 2 smaller side events on Saturday and Sunday. Should be goodfun anyway as Tramore is a good spot. Finshed 6th in this event last year, hopefully I can do a bit better this year.....

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