Friday, July 3, 2009

The calm before the storm

moved into the palms today and my girlfriend arrived. played very little poker over the past week or so. bein doin alot of partying and chilling out. went the ladbroker party, pkr party and went the palms 1 night with dave lucie and aload of us. was a great night! dave got us all vip treatment free entry free drinks etc. so cheers to him for that.went the pics twice and went bowling 1 night which was playing the main event tomorrow which is day 1a. thats the main reason i havent been playing any poker. wanted to keep myself as fresh and motivated as i could. had 3 deep runs out of 5 tourneys since i got here but no cash, so that was very disheartening. the main event will defo decide if its gonna be a profitable vegas this year. really happy with my game at the minute so hopefully i can just run good at the right time. ive swapped 2.5% with 4 other players apart from that im playing 100% of myself. considered selling % of myself but decided not too.

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