Saturday, July 4, 2009

75k going into Day 2

played the main event today and im pretty happy with how it went. my table draw wasnt easy by any means but i still managed to pick up a decent amount of chips. 1116 players started which is alot less than many people may have expected (including myself.) it was a 30k starting stack and 2 hour levels which is a sick sick structure. not too sure exactly how many players survived today but my guess is around 25% of the field were eliminated so im well above average. im back on day 2a which is the 7th so i dont plan on playing until then. tomorrow is the 4th of july and ive nothing planned but im sure itll be a good night. all the other irish lads who were playing today all survived as far as i know. best of luck to all the other irish playing days b,c and d

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