Saturday, July 11, 2009

323.5k going into day 4

well im still in which is pretty sweet obv. today went well again grinded away picked up a few chips without any real interesting or big pots. less than 1 hour to go for the day and im sittin on 150k which is actually short at this point av. is over 200k. picked up kk at a perfect time and got it all in against 66. luckily i held and doubled up to 300k. i felt it was soo important for me to get a double up b4 the end of the day. not that 150k is really short or anything but i reckon it will play redic tight as we get close to the money and there will be a sick amount of chips to be picked up if u have a stack. so many short stacks just trying to fold into the money. hopefully i get a decent table draw 2moro and can pick up some chips around the bubble. i have 12% of myself swapped out in this so hopefully i can give them a decent score too.


  1. WP! I have you pegged as my 'Irish WSOP Last Longest' on Boards... No pressure now, just get yourself into the money and make sure you outlast Andy B & Albert K at least! ;-D

    GL! GL! GL!

  2. Mick,
    Didn't get a chance to say goodluck before you went over to Vegas. Delighted to see you've gotten to day 4.

    Hope you run like God, on speed
    Martin & Colette

  3. cheeers QueenJ and smurph appreciate it