Wednesday, July 8, 2009

132.5k going into day 3

today went well, started today with 75k and really struggled for the first couple of levels. couldnt hit a flop, cbets getting raised etc. the usual stressfull stuff. really felt like it was gonna be 1 of them days! was as low as 37k at 1 point. thankfully things changed and i started accumalating chips. my table was nice, it was pretty weak passive and no real big stacks. so as soon as i got a decent stack i began hoovering up chips. finished up on 132.5k with the average less than 100k. i still havent been all in in the tourney which is nice. lots of small pots. av. stack hasnt been below 80 bbs yet because of the sick structure.

2 days off now before day 3. enjoy vegas and strictly no poker until then. the pokerstars party is on thursday night so that should be good. gonna try not get too pissed though not a good idea showing up for a 12 hour day at the wsop with a hangover

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