Friday, September 4, 2009


Arrived in Barcelona on tuesday night and spent the night chilling having a few beers. Met up with a few of the other Irish players who are out here. Alot more Irish players here than I had expected. Although most of them dont seem to be playing gthe main event.

Wednesday there was an €1100 freezeout which we all played, it got 160 runners creating a nice prizepool. Almost €60k for the winner. Unfortunately none of us had any success.

Yesterday there were two €200 rebuy satellites for the main event. The 1st of them started at 2pm. Again myself Derek and Jude gave it a spin. And AGAIN! No success!! : ( I got eliminated around 7.30pm. The last sat started at 8pm and I decided Id give it a bash but it wasnt to be. So no ept Barcelona main event for me this year.

Derek and Jude both played today which was day 1a. It only got 204 runners which is a fair bit less than expected Id say. Jude didnt last too long and struggled from the start. He eventually got his 9k stack aipf only to find himself against AA and QQ. No help on the flop and he was out before dinner break. Not in the best of form as is expected when your eliminated from an ept, Jude headed back to the hotel and booked himself a flight home. Leaving Derek to fly the flag. Derek was doin fine at the dinner break and was on 33k which was right on the average but unfortunately he too is now eliminated. No details of his exit hand.

Not much to do now for the next couple of days except enjoy Barcelona I suppose. My first time here and its a lovely city. Theres a €2k event on Monday and a €1k on Tuesday Ill defo be playing in at least one of these.

Its not all bad news for me in Barcelona however as I recieved confirmation on Tuesday that I will be playing in the Late night stars of poker. This should be great craic and Im really looking forward to it. Not too many details atm about my heat etc. but Im sure Ill find out soon enough.

Online has bein going ok lately. Just grinding away as usual racking up the fpps. i decided to start playing a few online mtts to try and sort out my awful online mtt record which Ive bein getting some abuse about recently. Made back to back final tables last week in the $109 freezeout which is on stars at 2pm daily. Came 4th and 5th for over $4k combined. Also won a few $60 45 mans. So Im having reasonable succes. The wcoop is underway now and Im gonna try play a few of the events. Im defo playing the main event anyway which is a $5k entry $10million!!!! guaranteed 2 day event. Im put into this for being Elite. Would be very nice to run deep in this

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