Saturday, September 19, 2009

Early morning stars of poker

Found out when Im playing in the Late night stars of poker. Altough Im not too sure about this name given that Ive to be in the Citywest for 9am!!!! Ill be in the first heat on the 2nd of October and its due to start at 10am. Ive to be there at 9 for interviews etc. Not sure whos in my heat except Dara o kearney has told me hes in it. Really looking forward to playing against Dara as hes bein taking the piss out of me quiet a bit this year. And so it would be nice to get 1 over on him at the tables.

I was scheduled to go down to Killarney early on the 2nd for there festival but it looks like Ill be arriving a few hours late. Gonna leave as soon as my heat is over and should be down there before 5pm. (hopefully). Killarney is a 15k starting stack and 1 hour blinds so bein a couple of hours late isnt that bad. Organisers of the stars thingy generously said theyd sort out a flight for me to killarney but I think Ill just drive as I hate waiting around aiports!

Bein grinding away online with nothing much to report. Im quiet happy with how Ive adapted to mtts and there goin well. Still no big scores but plenty of deep runs so Im happy enough. Tomorrow is the wcop main event and Im looking forward to it. Maybe this could be the 1????.............

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