Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to Supernova

My supernova elite status expired yesterday. It was up until the end of September. Im on 680k vpps for the year at the minute which means Ive to get another 320k by the end of the year to get Elite. I should do it but Im gonna have to put the head down for the rest of the year. No more holidays or time off. September went well overall online. despite taking a week off for Barca I still managed to get in 2k sngs and make $2k profit from them. Done well in mtts, had a coeple of small cashes in the sng leaderboards and grinded 75k vpps. So made well over $10k for the month.

Havent had a live game since Barca and so Im looking forward to this weekend. I had planned on playing the Fitz monthly last thursday. But I got a couple of calls from my mates who were goin out for Arthurs Day and so I just couldnt refuse.

Ive to be in Citywest for 9am tomorrow for the early morning Stars of Poker. Heading down to Killarney after that and so Im going to be arriving late for that unfortunately, although its a great structure so bein a couple of hours late is no harm. Organisers kindly arranged a flight to Killarney for me. Not exactly a stars private jet but Ryanair will have to do until I scoop the wsop main event. Due to arrive in Killarney at 4.20 so Ill be heading straight to the poker obv.

Watched my wsop feature table on poker tube the other day. Coverage is pretty bad and gives you no idea of how the table is playing etc. Couldnt believe they didnt show my Q 2 hand. Only showed 2 of my hands. My exit hand, and a fold I made on the bubble in the bb with AKs. Ivey raised from early/mid position with 99 and it was folded to me in the bb. Remember were 1 from the money and Ive just over half the average stack. Its an intersting situation which you wont find yourself in too often but I stick by my guns and think a fold is the best option.
I was doing well in an mtt the other day and some random observer comes into the chatbox... "bigmickg I saw u fold AKs vs Ivey on the wsop m.e bubble why?"
"Surely $22k is nothing to a big money grinder like you?"

I didnt reply but i was lol to myself. $22k is alot of money to anyone. (especially me)
and lol that he though I was some kinda of high roller baller tybe. (obv because im elite) alot of people have the impression that elites are all millionaire high rollers, unfortunately for me that certainly isnt the case. In reality your just a grinder who pays alot! of rake.

Recieved a chat ban today for 3 hours!! lol Not sure what I even said tbh but Im always at it. Ive been warned once or twice before but never actually banned. This time Im really gonna try and stop abusing the fish when they suck out.

Bein really busy lately both poker and non poker eventually got round to putting my old car up for sale. heres the link if anyones interested


  1. link to video of you being owned by ivey please?

  2. Started this blogging shit myself Mick, have linked your blog to mine