Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting stuck in!!

Played 924 sngs last week 221 of which I played on Friday which is the most Ive ever played in one day and the most Ive ever played in one week. So Im pretty happy with my work. Made $2,832 profit over the 924 sngs without rakeback and made over 30k vpps for the week. Also finished 3rd in theSaturn high orbit Leaderboard and 15th in the Uranus high orbit which was good for another $680. And recieved $360 from stars because of colluding so well over $5k proft for the week.

Decided not to play the IPO last weekend for a number of reasons. Sounds like it went very well so welldone to all those involved. Good to see a few familiar faces down in the business end but unfortunately yet again another big tournament in Ireland won by an overseas player!

Also welldone to Eoghan O Dea flying the Irsh flag on the International poker scene finishing 2nd in the wpt Marrakech for a cool €263,662. Another very nice payday for him.
I was slightly tempted to go to Morroco for this but cant really take any more holidays for the rest of year cos Im so busy getting Elite.
I just passed 730k vpps for the year. Hopefully I can put in another solid weeks grinding before the Irish winter Festival which Ill be playing this weekend

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  1. Good luck with the grind Mick, you're some man for the work ethic.

    See you at the weekend.