Monday, November 2, 2009

October review

October was a good solid month online. Played 2910 sngs which is the most Ive ever played in 1 month and managed to make $4527 profit from them. I also had a few decent scores in the battle of the planets including a 1st place in the Saturn High orbit last week. Managed to grind 100k vpps for the month which equates to 350k fpps, not 500k unfortunately as my elite status expired the end of September. Im now on 777k vpps for the year which means I need another 223k in the last 2 months. Gonna be a busy man

Played the Irsh winter festival last week and managed to cash. Came 36th out of 398 players for €3400. Small cash but still always nice to make a profit. Was delighted to see it bein won by an Irish player. (Michael O Sullivan) Even better he was a Dub. Met Michael for the first time at this tourney and he seems like a sound bloke also a very solid player so well done to him taking home the €143,000 1st prize

Played a decent amount of mtts online in October but with no real success. Made a small loss from them for the month. Played a good few mtts today including the Warm up and a couple of $100 rebuys but again no success. Until my last tourney of the night which was a sat for the IPC in Galway.
The sat got 76 players with 3 packages. I was lucky enough to get 1 so Im delighted with that. I had planned on playing in it anyway but its always nice to win a seat and have the accomadation etc. sorted

Great to see Pokerstars comin to the Irish Market. This can only be good news for poker here.