Saturday, November 14, 2009

The losing continues

Well its been more of the same unfortunately. Played JPs mini WSOP game last Friday.Probably shouldnt have bothered as I wasnt really up for it but played it anyway. Lasted 3 levels, had 2 semi intersting hands which I made bad calls in both and so it was gg me. Saturday decided to watch the David V Golaith fight and get pissed. LOL at the fight. Like wtf! I just couldnt take it seriously it was like something out of a cartoon! I was trying to stay off the drink but when ur runnin like shit may aswell drown ur sorrows.

Online this awful run continues. November is on track for bein 1 of my worse ever months. So far Ive played just under 1500 sngs and am down over $13k!! : ( Pretty awful stuff. Its hard to say how much of this is down to variance, my bad play,games bein so tough. But its rough anyway. We all go through bad spells no matter how well we play but its the consistincy that Im losing at this month that is a cause for concern. Its like Ive suddenly become a losing player.

On the positive I did get the $8k milestone bonus last week which really helped and Im currently on 830k for the year which means only 170k to go. Have to just grind the teeth and hopefully I can pull through this and start winning again.

Heading to the Ireland v France match in Croke park tonight. Gonna be a tough game obv. but fingers crossed we can get a result


  1. Mick, great blog.

    It would be good if you wrote an article on how it all started with you in poker and how you knew it was time to quit your day job and focus on the poker. GL!

  2. Cheers man! I think it might be time for me to go back to the day job! lol just kidding. If u read my Q&A in my links I think I talk about it