Monday, November 23, 2009

Slogging it out!

Well Im still running like shit online, doing my bollox! Wont say much more about that as I dont like crying and moaning when Im going through a bad patch and it doesnt make for good reading either. But November is well on track to bein my worse ever month online (without rakeback bonuses etc.)

Bein a pretty hectic couple of weeks both poker and non poker. Forgot to mention in my last post that some fucker ran into the back of my precious car! Sittin at traffic lights minding my own business then BANG! Wasnt much of a crash tbh but still managed to do 2k worth of damage to my car. Was his fault obv so his insurance is looking after it. Its in being repaired at the mo but Im collecting it tomorrow.

Big talking point over the past few days of course was the Ireland game. Went to the first leg which we didnt play great in to be fair. Headed to the local for the away leg. I didnt give Ireland much hope If Im to be truthful but you never know. Couldnt believe how well we played in the game! In the first half anyway. Was the best Ive seen Ireland play in years! Although they just didnt finish the chances and then of course we went out in cruel fashion which I wont say anymore about cos Ive a pain in my bollox talking about it at this stage.

Big welldone to Derek Murray who scooped a FTOP last week for around $130k. I cant think of a player who deserved a result like this any more than Derek. Hes bein 1 of the top mtt players in Ireland over the past few years but never seemed to run good when it mattered so its nice to see his efforts finally rewarded.
Another great piece of news for Irsh poker was Jude (j.thaddeus) Ainsworth (who is Derek Murrays close frien btw) bein signed by Pokerstars as a Team Pro. Making him the first Irish member. Finished 13th in Portugal in his first Ept as a team pro, so a good start and hope he keeps it up. Best of luck to him over the next 12 months. Its great to see an Irish player being sponsored by the biggest name in poker. There had a been alot of talk on the poker scene in Ireland over the past few months about stars sponsoring an Irish player following the announcement of the ukipt. Several people asked me who did I think it should be etc. My opinion was it would be an absolute disgrace if anyone other than Jude got it. So well deserved and goodluck mate.

I turned 24! on Saturday. Jesus Im scared of getting old I still feel 18. Went to see Brendan O Carroll which was a good laugh then hit the town. Anyone into films dont go see "The men who stare at goats" cos its the biggest load of bollox Ive seen in a long time! I came out of the cinema angry that Id just wasted two hours of my life watching the bullshit! Go see "Harry Brown" its well worth a watch.

Im on 855k vpps now which is the only good news I can report lol! So Ill finish with that. 5 busy weeks left for me this year. Gotta grind the teeth keep the faith and hopefully hings will improve soon! Thats it for now, peace out!


  1. I agree about the Ireland game, I'm English but wanted nothing more than Ireland to go through. Will the game be replayed? Isn't that French frog Platini on the FIFA Board...need I say anymore.... seems like your on the sick side of variance these past couple of months. You ask any top player how they deal with variance and they say 'play through it' which I'm sure you are doing. Good luck.

  2. cheers man. Yeah I think we all knew it wasnever gonna be a replay unfortunately

  3. Sorry to hear about the Pimpmobile.

    And yeah, 24 is ancient clearly :)