Friday, November 6, 2009

Rough week

Well as the title suggests its been a rough week for me. Started off great on Sunday night (which is the end of last week but anywho) by winning a $4.5k package to the UKIPT Galway. Then Monday I recieved my $1200 bonus for topping the bop leaderboard, Tuesday solid uneventfull day, then Wednesday it all went pear shaped. Managed to spunk off just under $5k which is pretty impressive. Its not easy to blow $5k in a few hours playing $60-$235 sngs but I managed it. Played like shit and ran even worse. Yesterday was much of the same blew around $3k. Felt like I didnt play all that bad in fairness just seemed to run unbelieveably bad. So a nasty little $10k downswing to wake me up.

Haevnt had a real bad run in a long long time in fairness and so it was inevitable. I had forgotten how shit it feels to lose. Fingers crossed this doesnt turn into one of them soul destroying runs that dont seem to end. On the bright side Im on 798k vpps and so I get a nice litle $8k bonus when I reach 800k which will ease the pain.

Decided Im goin to play JPs mini WSOP this weekend as I dont feel like grinding much and dont wanna drink this weekend. Its a €350 buy in and should get around 300 players so a decent enough prizepool. A few of the lads are gone to Amsterdam for the Masters Classic. Ive never been to Amsterdam and would love to go sometime. But I made a pact with myself not to do any more travelling for the rest of the year. So goodluck to them! Do the Irsh proud!


  1. Hey man,

    Rockytherock here, I've been running like shit too for the past while and I feel for ya, seen you take some real rough ones in the games we've played together,

    Just thought I'd let you know I'm sharing your pain, as with many other regs it seems

  2. Everybody I talk too seems to be losing. All the other big sng players blogs are the same, moaning about losing games getting too tough etc. cause for concern imo