Thursday, January 7, 2010

09 Review

Well 2009 was my second full year as a full time poker player and all in all it was a success. No life changing results and I didnt make as much online as I might have hoped but all things considered Im pretty happy how it went. The games online got increasingly tougher as I expected especially towards the end of the year, even the $60 9 mans became a regfest.

I decided in December I wont be pursuing Supernova Elite this year. I got it the last two years but decided Im not willing to put in the time and effort it requires for a third year running. It really is a big commitment and becomes very stressfull towards the end of the year. I will of course maintain it until the end of September this year provided I get 50k vpps each month.

So grinding online will certainly still be my bread and butter this year but I plan on playing alot more live poker, especially big buy in tourneys. I didnt play as much live poker in 09 as I had orginally intended but still managed to play a fair bit. Unfortunately I dont keep live records anymore so Im not sure exactly how much I made but considering the amount I played (or lack of) it was a great success. Highlights of the year would have to be my min cash in the WSOP main event where I played at the ESPN feature table and was eliminated by the man himself Mr Ivey. And my 4th place finish in the IPC just a few weeks ago which was my biggest cash to date. €36k.

Online was pretty uneventfull with no big wins probably because I played so few mtts. But was a solid, steady grind none the less until the last two months when I went on a bad downswing finishing getting SNE. 9 man sngs are pretty much solved imo and so this year Ill be trying to move away from these. Plan on playing mostly 18-45 mans and try more mtts.

Stars recently improved there vip system which means everyone will be getting a higher % rakeback which is nice. In December they also announced there online Team pros. Big welldone to acoimbra who I play with regularly and I believe reads this blog. Im sure hes over the moon with that so welldone mate and goodluck with it.

I decided not to go to the PCA for a few reasons and so Ill be going to wsop and Monte Carlo as part of Elite. Hoping to play a couple of EPTs also this year and all of the UKIPTs. And pretty much every major festival in Ireland

Heading down to The Eglington in Galway tomorrow for one of there infamous parties and my first live outing so that should be good craic.


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