Friday, January 15, 2010

Hectic start

Been a busy start to the year with lots of travelling. Headed over to Manchester on the 2nd with a load of friends for the United v Leeds match. Disastrous! Not only the result, and been beaten by a 2nd Division team but the atmosphere in Old Trafford was the worse Ive ever seen. Made the most of it anyway and had a good drinking session.

Headed down to Galway last Friday for the Eglington IPC party. Great craic, as is always expected when you go to Galway. Again, was more of a drinking session than a poker one tbh. Played my 1st outing of the year there and bubbled the ft when I ran my KK into AA. Had a great weekend anyway so cheers to "The Legend" himself Mr. Dave Curtis and co. for putting on a great weekend.

Killarney today with the Lakes of Killarney festival on. Its a €500 3 day event with a great structure and Id expect around 150 players so a decent enough prizefund. Going over to Deauville on Tuesday to try and sat into EPT Deauville main event. If Im unsuccessful Ill just play the side events.

Online hasnt been going too good so far. Got off to a good start and picked up about $5k 1st few days. Lost all that back since then unfortunately. Still havent really found my main game for the year and have been playing lots of differents sngs and mtts. Wont be playing much at all over the next week or so with Killarney and Deauville so hopefully Ill get back to a proper grind after them. Better go catch my train

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  1. Just found your blog for the first time today Mick. Interesting read. Gl for 2010