Monday, August 30, 2010


Busted today unfortunately, never really got goin, didnt play too good and ran bad, so not a good combination. Just one of those days that your destined not to win no matter what you do. Got AA, KK twice and QQ and took down the blinds each time. Of course my raises with marginal hands got 3bet or called and I missed every flop. Liv Boeree finshed me off when I check raised all in on a flop with the nut flush draw she called with top pair and I missed. Really dissapointed about not getting a run cos Ive been running pretty bad live this year and I was hoping this might be the turning point. Unfortunately not. Although theres a great schedule of events over here so theres still plenty of time to show a profit for the trip. €2k tourney tomorrow at 4 so thatll be my next shot.

Playing a few mtts and steps online at the minute. Played a step 6 just there and won it so its not all doom and gloom. Anyway I better get back to it. Get my game sharp for tomorrows €2k


  1. Do you still buy T$ as I'm thinking of hitting up plenty of satties over the next few months

  2. yep still buy them alright. Send me an email with how many u wanna sell