Saturday, August 7, 2010


Great craic down in Galway last weekend depite it bein another unsuccesful poker trip. Came 5th in the Irish Champions Challenge Cup when I shoved A 8 from the bb over Marty Smyths button raise who had JJ and held. Paul Carr was the eventual winner so welldone to him. Played the €250 tourney which got 59 players, alot less than I was expecting. But with €2500 added to the prize fund still great value. Never really got goin in this and busted after a few hours. Didnt bother with any poker after that and just enjoyed the weekend. Galway is probably the best place in Ireland for a weekend away imo.

Feeling very unmotivated about playing online the past few weeks or so especially since I decided I wont be chasing Elite this year. This really helped me put the hours in over the past two years cos you have to play x amount before the end of the year. Now I just play whenever Im in the humour. How many times have you got out of bed in the morning and wished you didnt have to go to work? Well poker is no exception and you dont have to go to work so sometimes I find myself lazing around just not bothered playing. Im sure Ill be back grinding as hard as ever soon enough just a little phase I guess.

Didnt have a great week online although I played very little. Played another 3 step 6s with no success so that sucks. 15/41 now for the year. Done good playing the lower steps and various other sngs so that helped ease the pain. UKIPT Edinburgh is my next live event so Ill just grind some online till then

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  1. Nice blog, I have added a link to mine. Congrats on SNE for the last 2 years. Padraig Harrington > Dan Harrington IMO