Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well the last few weeks online have bein agonising! Grinding away day after day losing my absolute bollox! In fairness I knew December was gonna be pretty bad but I was just hoping it wouldnt be too bad. Only positive atm is Ive only 45k vpps to go. You have no idea how relieved Im gonna be when and if I ever get there. 45k is still a fair bit considering theres only 9! days left in the year! Gonna have to play pretty much every day even stick in a few hours on Christmas Day which sucks.
Anyway wish me luck!
I wonder how much more Ill lose getting 45k vpps???


  1. Hang in there Mick, in the final stretch now

  2. ohhh god... -35K? is this good price for supernova elite?

    run lolArun

  3. nice work mick very hard to multi table sng turbos and make a profit ! best of luck !

  4. on the homestraight , grind it out mick