Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Bloody Wednesday

Bad day online today which seems to be the norm for me on Wednesdays. Lost $3k. Came across some interesting stats a couple of weeks ago that got my attention. Sharkscope has a function that you can graph your results by day of the week. So I decided to have a look. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all profitable days for me. Monday Im down a bit, but Wednesday Im down well over $20k with a -2% roi over 9501 games! Really interesting I thought. Now it could be just a coincidence and if it were only over a few hundred sngs thats exactly what Id say it was. But surely this is far too large a sample size to be a coincidence,variance etc. ??? Who knows. Maybe I should just take Wednesdays off in future as they are clearly -ev for me. lol.

Had bein doin fine until today and was recovering well from my losing streak. Sngs on stars atm are an absolute joke!! I knew they would be for the last few weeks of the calender year in fairness as pretty much ever half decent grinder is trying to reach various different milestones for bonuses. I actually unreged from a few $60 sngs today. Probably the 1st time Ive ever done this. I never usually table select at these and reg for as many as I want to play. But today I noticed there was a hell of a lot of regs in my games. I mean I expect 2-4. But today I seen 6!!! regs in 1 game!! Like wtf! Game 100% unbeatable. So annoying. I know everyone is in the same boat this time of year before the year ends. But unless your grinding your last few thousand vpps to get Elite I really dont think its +ev to be playing in these games. People just dont care how many regs are registered for a game they just jump in. Last December was my worse ever month online, profitwise as a result of the games bein full of so many regs and me having to get x amount of vpps for Elite. I was hoping to not have many vpps to get this December but unfortunately as a result of taking 10 weeks off throughout the year I still have a fair bit of grinding to do.

On a positive note I have just under 84k vpps to go. And Thursday is my most profitable day of the week and Im up over $27k so hopefully tomorrow will be good before I head to Galway for the UKIPT.

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