Saturday, December 5, 2009

100k to go!

Well 100,660 but we"ll just say 100k. Just a quick update, not much rambling I promise. 27 days left in the year and I plan on taking 7-8 of them off for Christmas, Galway etc. So 19 days grinding should be plenty of time for me to accumalate 100k vpps. Works out at just over 5k a day which is easily acheiveable. Im averaging 5.5k a day atm.

Profit wise bein up an down the past week or so but defnitly seemed to have stopped the massive losing streak I was on. My main focus this month isnt how much I win or lose its just about getting the rest of the vpps out of the way. Obviously I want to still make a profit but its not as important as getting Elite. I recieved a 1 week chat ban yesterday so apoligies to anyone I havent been able to reply to in the chat box.

Heading to Top Gear Live in the rds tomorrow, looking forward to that, gonna enjoy the day off tomorrow cos Ive been grinding hard all week