Sunday, February 21, 2010

40600 going into day 2 in NAPT

Arrived in Vegas on thursday evening after the grueling travelling! 8 hours time difference takes some adjusting so my body clock is kinda fucked atm. Rooms in the Venetian are pretty sweet! Im rooming with John O Shea who is also still in the main event hes on about 45k. Not many Irish here for the event but still a few. Andrew Grimasson (Chubbs) is struggling and on 17k, Eoin Olin was knocked out today unfortunately and Dave Callaghan is on 50ish I think. Thats all the Irsh I know of that are here. Hopefully we can push on tomorrow and get some chips.

Seems to be a pretty tough field. I had an awful table today with little or no soft spots, so not too dissapointed with how I finished up. Chatting to the other lads they were saying tables were also tough. Such a big field I expected there to be alot more value. Gonna get a decent nights sleep so have a good head for tomorrow.......zzzzzz

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