Saturday, February 13, 2010

January Review

No joy in Manchester busted out in level 6. Uneventful tournament for me, got no luck and played pretty shit tbh. 1st tournament Ive played in a long time that I felt I played bad in. No interest in any of the side events so Ill just save myself for the NAPT in the Venetian next week. Flying out next Thursday so really looking forward to that.

Alot of the time when people dont update there blogs its cos there running like shit and dont wanna talk about it. Luckily for me that certainly hasnt been the case as Im on somewhat of a heater lately. Played live once since I got back from Deauville, The Fitz monthly which is a €250+20 and the only regular Dublin tourney worth playing imo. Got 158 runners so a nice prizepool for a Thursday night. Managed not to run KK into AA for the entire tournament!! So went on to do a 3 way chop at 7am for €7k each. Nice nights work and a great confidence booster. Chopped that tourney the last 2 times Ive played it now which is impressive. Last time was a 5 way chop in October. Would never usually consider chopping a tourney 5 ways but I got a sick deal that night so couldnt refuse.


Mentioned in my last post I had won 2 out of 3 step 6s that I had played and was goin to focus on the steps for a while. Well I have. Despite not playing much the past couple of weeks cos Ive been so busy moving etc when I have played Ive done sick good! Played another 3 step 6s since the last post and managed to win the 3 of them. 5 out of 6 in total and a healthy $37k in cashes from 6 sngs. Id love to know what my hourly rate online is so far this year. Doin great overall in the steps playing pretty much every step 3-5 and D-F that fills while Im playing. Ive 2 step G tickets atm and 2 step 6s. Dont fancy Copenhagen or Berlin and Ive stuff on for Austria so not sure exactly when Ill get a chance to use them. Also been playing alot of hyper turbos which are going really well too.

At the start of the year I was about 90% certain I wouldnt be going for SNE this year for a number of reasons which I already mentioned. Now Im about 50-50. I can rack up alot of vpps in a short space of time playing the steps and Hyper turbos. Got 7k vpps in 1 day there 2 weeks ago which grabbed my attention and made me have 2nd thoughts about not going for SNE. Still very uncertain though cos Ive played so little so far and have so many trips planned for this year. See how it goes over the next couple of weeks I guess.

Thats pretty much it for now. Next stop Vegas Baby!

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