Monday, February 22, 2010


Day 2 was a grind of a day to say the least. I was shortstacked for all of it. The most chips I got to was 75k which was still well below average. I eventually finished the day on 37600. Blinds starting back on day 3 at 2k 4k 400 ante I needed help fast. Unfortunately it didnt happen and I busted a few hands into the day. Managed to steal the blinds with a shove that got through. Very next hand I shove AQ and run into QQ. I had him covered though so I was still in with about 2bbs. At this stage needing a miracle. Got it in with 45s against KK and no miracle busted about 10 places from the money which sucks after playing over 2 days in a tourney. John is the only remaining Irishmann in with less than 90 players left. So goodluck to him! 5% of $850k would do me nicely

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