Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No news is good enough

Didnt realise its been over two weeks since my last update. Ive just been settling into the new apartment and grinding online since I got back from Vegas. Havent had any live games. Next live game Ill play will probably be the Irish Open which is on the 2nd of April.

Bein grinding a decent volume the past week or so and Ive got 38k vpps so far this month which Im happy with. Bein sticking to the hyper turbos and steps as my main games. Hadnt played any step 6s in about 4 weeks until Sunday when there was alot of traffic and I noticed them filling so I jumped in obviously. 1st one I played was a 6 max step 6 with one ticket to a $10,300 scoop event and 2nd place got $1,700. Finished a dissapointing 4th for no cash! My 1st no cash in a step 6 of the year. A step G filled up in the mean time with 1 Monte Carlo Package for 1st and €2,250 for 2nd and 3rd so I gave that a go. Managed to scoop the package to take my mind off not cashing in the other step 6. Another step G for Monte Carlo filled soon after and sure enough I gave it a go. Unfortunatley finished 2nd in this one and felt really hard done by. Really felt like I outplayed my opponent heads up and he just got lucky. Main hand we got it aipf with my A 10 versus his A 6 and he manged to river a straight, leaving me crippled and didnt recover.€13.5k for 1st and €2,250 for 2nd is a huge jump but I wasnt too dissapointed as Id already won 1.

Tonight the steps were filling again and I took full advantage. Played 1 step 6 6 max for a $10,300 scoop ticket which I took down, no messing about and quickly followed it with success in another step G Monte Carlo sat for a nice $25k day. So my step 6 record for the year so far is as follows.
Played 11
Won 8
Bubbled 2 (which I got my money back in)
Lost 1!

Over $50k profit from 11 sngs which is very nice. Not sure exactly how far above ev Im actually running at these atm or how long this run can keep up but Im not gonna think about it too much and just enjoy it while it lasts.

Gonna keep the head down in March as I want 100k vpp month to get me back on track for SNE which Im still undecided about. Well see how the next few weeks go I guess................