Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March so far

Ill really have to start trying to update this more often. The weeks just seem to be flying by lately. Havent played a whole lot the past week cos I headed over to Amsterdam on Wednesday for four nights on a non poker break. One of the few places Ive always wanted to visit but hadnt managed to get too until now. Amazing place and well worth a visit as I expected.

Still havent had a live outing since Vegas but Ive a hectic April coming up with the Irish Open, Coventry UKIPT and of course Monte Carlo. Im still undecided wheter or not to play the satelitte the night before the Irsh Open, probably just see how I feel when it comes round I guess.

Managed to play two step 6s in the past week. The 1st of which was last Monday and it was a 6 max with one scoop package and $1,700 for 2nd. Played awful in this tbh and finished last! Another step 6 with no cash! I was gutted! It was the second step 6 I failed to cash in so far this year. Really have to get my act together. Played another one on Sunday night after returning from Amsterdam. This time it was a 10 seater with two scoop packages. Managed to keep focused in this one, no acting the bollox and so it was ship ship.... making it 11 out of 15 for the year so far and 2 bubbles/refunds gotta be happy with that.

Hyper turbos havent been gone great for me lately but Im hoping variance is just to blame as they are quite high variance stuff.
Ive 176k vpps so far this year which Im fairly happy with. Not exactly on pace for SNE atm but considering the amount of time Ive taking off its alot. Earning over 5k vpps a day atm. So Im just gonna grind hard for a few weeks before making any rash decisions.

Big welldone to Andrew Grimasson aka Chubbs. on his 3rd place finish in Barcelona in an ecpt. €65k very nice payday. Great player and cool guy long overdue a live result. Another congrats to Jorj95 on becoming the latest member of Team Pokerstars. Welldeserved and one of the names I expected to see as an online Team pro when they were 1st announced. George has probably been the most profitable sng player on the planet the past couple of years. And while everyone is complaining about how tough the games are getting hes just looking for any kind of sng he can 20+ table, pay a sick amount of rake and destroy continuing to make insane amounts of money from sngs. So best of luck to him

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