Friday, April 2, 2010

That time of year again

Wow I honestly cant believe the year is a quarter over already. March was another great month for me meaning I havent had a losing month yet. Wont speak too soon though. Hyper turbos went bad in March and I managed to lose over $6k in them which is worrying. Until now I have been comfortably crushing them so not sure if its variance or if I no longer have an edge in them or whatever. Only time will tell I guess so Im gonna stick with them for now anyway.Main goal for March was to grind at least 100k vpps which I did so was happy about that, managed to get 108k meaning I played more in March than January and February combined. Currently on 216k vpps which is just behind current SNE pace of 249k. Got a nice $3,400 bonus for reaching the 200k milestone meaning I got well over $10k rakeback in March which was sweet. Majority of my profits for the month came from step 6s again. Havent played any more since my last update but plan on playing as many as I can over the coming weeks.

Well its that time of year again, Easter weekend meaning the highlight of the Irish poker calender is upon us. The Paddy Power Irish Open. The buy in is the same as last year €3,500 which I like. Not too big not too small. Expecting around 600-700 players meaning a prize pool in the region of €2 milliuon. This is only my 2nd year playing the Irish Open and Im 100% up for it. Got my %s swapped and Im ready to go. Not gonna stay in the hotel cos Ill only end up on the beer. Cards in the air at 3.30 so Im gonna go get ready. Ill do a very short update at the end of the day with my chipstack (hopefully)

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