Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monte Carlo EPT Grand Final

Well like I said before this is the tourney I most look forward to playing each year. I know for most people its the wsop main event but for me its this. Arrived today and took the bus from Nice airport. One of the most amusing bus journeys Ive ever been on. The sceneary on the way is amazing driving down along the windy mountain roads I had forgot how stunning looking this place is. Although unfortunately thats about all it has going for it is its amazing sceneary as its really a very dull and boring place once the novelty of looking at multi million euro yachts, cars, fancy restuarants, over priced shops and hotels wears off. Not the kind of place youd come to let your hair down and party. The Devilfish best described it to me last year as "Alcatraz for millionaires".

On my own atm but Mr Ainsworth arrives tomorrow to keep me company and help fly the Irish flag. Very few Irish usually play here but Im sure theres at least a handful of others that Im not aware of. I play tomorrow (1a) and so Ill have a day off before day 2. (Hopefully) Theres an excellent schedule of side events this year especially compared to last year which was really bad. I plan on playing as many as possible if the main event doesnt go as planned. I played the nightly €330 turbo tonight but had no success.

Speaking of flying the Irish flag the wpt final 6 gets underway shortly and John O Shea is still in. Unbelieveable stuff and really hope he takes it down. John seems determined to get that life changing score this year by playing as many big buy in events as possible. John is a truely dedicated professional with an excellent all round game and mental attitude, I cant think of a player in the country right now that deserves a result more than him for the time and effort he puts into the game.

Online hasnt seen much of an improvement. Went on a nice little upswing in the hyper turbos but quickly came back down again. Played another 2 step 6s with no success making it 11/18 for the year. Last few days went well in steps 3-5 though and Ive a nice amount of tickets built up. The wsop sats have started on stars and I plan on winning a few packages Also won a package to the Estrellas poker tour in Alicante which is on the end of May so its not all bad. Anyway main focus for the next week is on the Live scene obv, Ill do an update after each day with my progress.