Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UKIPT Coventry

Another disspointing tourney for me unfortunately. Played on Day 1a which was Thursday. Got off to a steady enough start before losing a big flip in the 4th level. Got it all in on the flop with my 10c8c on a 6c 9c 3h against AA. turn and river bricked leaving me short. Then ran KK into AA in the 5th level for my last 6k. Kinda glad I didnt have a bigger stack at that point as I probably would have lost it all anyway. Played 8 live mtts so far this year and 5 of them I ran KK into AA. LOL

Online has been pretty shit over the past week or so too. Been playing almost only hyper turbos and have been doing awful. On a $15k+ downswing in them at the moment and its starting to look a lot less likely that its just variance and a lot more likely that I simply dont have an edge in them. Only managed to play 1 step 6 since my last update which I came nowhere in. But still 11/16 for the year so cant complain. Id like to play alot more steps but the problem is I play during the day mostly and the steps rarely fill. April is looking like its gonna be my 1st losing month of the year which sucks but March was my most profitable month ever so not too bad.

Next up is Monte Carlo. I considered going to San Remo but it would have meant I was playing a live mtt every weekend in the month of April so decided against it. Monte Carlo is the biggest tournament for me each year and I look forward to it even more than the WSOP main event. Such a big buy in and a relatively small field make winning it seem achieveable. Where as the WSOP is kinda like winning the lottery imo.

Hoping things will turn around online if not Ill just have to take down Monte Carlo I guess!


  1. Are you going to play the EPT high roller shootout at Monte Carlo after the Main Event?

  2. Unfortunately not. €25k is a bit much for me

  3. Best of luck in Monte Carlo mick