Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lesson learnt

Well everything has being going so smoothly lately I shoulda know I was due a change of luck. Followed Wednesday up by another great day on Thursday scooping another 2/2 step 6s. A Monte Carlo one and a SCOOP one. For back to back $25k+ days. Something Ive never done before. Yesterday I put in a solid days grinding playing mostly hyper turbos and a few steps, but no step 6s. This afternoon I decided to put in a couple of hours before I headed out for the day. Was hammering away at the hyper turbos when this happened.....

Basically I got disconnected and was blinded away in any game I was playing or was registered for. This is something I have always feared happening but was always well prepared for. In my old house I used a fixed internet connection but had a wireless modem on stanby incase my main internet connection went down. Even had a laptop ready just incase the electricity were to go.

In my new apartment I was caught with my guard down and wasnt so well prepared unfortuantely. Ive just bein using a wireless broadband modem cos I havent got round to getting a fixed internet connection. It has being working fine until today when I was disconnected for about half an hour or so. Which seems like about 3 weeks when your 15 tabling hyper turbos. Managed to finish 3rd in 2 of the games that I was blinded out in. Which is pretty lol. Finished 3rd in 5 games just after getting disconnected but I was doin well in these games and more than likely woulda won them had I not bein disconnected.

Cost me around $2k I guess. Costly lesson but no use crying over spilt milk. Needless to say Ill be getting broadband sorted asap to avoid this happening again.


  1. happened me last week too, although it was only for bout 150, still head wreckeed all the same, congrats on the recent form

  2. this happens to me about once a year and stars have always refunded me the full amount.

    definitely worth sending them an email if you haven't already

  3. Hi Mick,

    Just to let you know we like your blog and have linked to it from our blog at
    If you have a problem with it, let us know and we’ll take it down.

    PezRez and md261

  4. Cheers Fat Afgan, got onto them about it.

    No prob Pezrez Ill do the same