Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 2... Wuhoo!!!!!

Made Day 2 of a tournament for the 1st time since the NAPT in Vegas back in February. Ok so Ive a measily 12,300 with the average bein over 30k but anything could happen tomorrow. Started off on a really nice table which was broken after an hour unfortunately. Got moved to a much tougher table which included Jude and a number of other capable players, so I had to pick my spots wisely. Didnt go great for me but happy enough with how I played and glad to be still in. Jude busted in level 3 losing the majority of his chips in a sick cooler hand. He had As 8s on the bb with an ep raise and 3 callers so he calls. Flop comes Js Qs Ks. And he leads every street before getting it all in on the river up against 9s 10s. Ouch!

Played a few mtts online last night with a few decent runs. Had a sick misclick in the $50 1r1a with 12 players left. Guy goes all in, I snap call him as quickly as Ive called in my life with the old K4os. His A9 held and that was me done. Pretty sick but couldnt help but laugh after I got over the initial disapointment of it. No plans for today cos theres no side events worth playing until tomorrow night which Ill probably give a go if Im not still in the main event. Anyway goodluck to any Irish playing today

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  1. Lolz, my misclicks are usually fold AA UTG or something like that. I tile my tables, so I'm just zooming my mouse over them all hitting my quickfold button... sometimes my brain is 0.25 seconds slower at recognising I have AA than finger is at just mashing the fold button.

    Run good one time in Main Event.