Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JP Masters

Another bad festival for me and I yet again failed to make day 2. To make things worse I cant just blame running bad on this one cos I played pretty awful too. Played several hands poorly in the 1st few levels and so my stack was steadily dwindling. Exited in level 7 I think it was when I decided to 4bet shove the old A7. Ran into KK and so it was gg me. Silly move brought on by sheer impatience and dare I say it..... tilt! Was really dissapointed after my exit as I was determined to get back on track in this event with it bein such a good structure and having a decent amount of value. Drowned my sins afterwards and decided I was gonna try make the most of the weekend. Great bit of craic anyway to take my mind off the poker.

Decided to play the €300 side event the next day which started at 6. I gave the tourney my full attention and played really well. My stack increased from the word go and I picked up alot of chips early on. (It was a 10k starting stack and I got up to 40k with the average bein 20k. Found AK on the button, raised, the Dokester reraised from the sb, I shipped and he called with JJ which held. Just under 80k pot with the average bein 20k so that sucked. I was left with a couple of bbs after the hand but no miracle recovery and it was gg me a few hands later.

So another 2 tourneys with no cash. Ive lost count at this stage how many live games its been since my last cash but dread to imagine. Off to Nottingham tomorrow for the 4th leg of the UKIPT. Looking forward to playing in Dusk till Dawn as all Ive heard is good things about the club. Hopefully this will be the tourney where I finaaly bring to an end this awful live run.

Grinded a few hours online Sunday, pretty much the whole day yesterday and a few hours today in an atempt to recoop my live loses from the weekend which I done with ease. Makes me wonder why I bother with live donkaments. Had a couple of nice runs in mtts which is a needed confidence booster to prove to myself I have the game to crush mtts and Im not just a sng grinder. Only small buyins unfortunately but still feels great to come through decent sized fields. Won a $20 tourney with 360 players for $1,500 and came 2nd in a $30 one today with 500 players for $2,200. Also grinded hyper turbos steps and sngs. Passed the 300k vpps milestone today which is good for $3,600.

Quick congrats to Sean penderville on winning the Jp masters to follow on from his win in the cpt final last week. Sick run by him, back to back live tourneys for around €80k

And of course Thaddeus on chopping SCOOP event 19h for a nice $106k. Sick sick man just never stops

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  1. Unlucky at the weekend Mick, the big hand played itself and the Dokester just outraced you. Nice roots to have though :)