Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to normality

Well Monte Carlo certainly didnt go as well as I might have hoped. Played 6 tourneys in total. The €10k main event, 2 €1k events and 3 €300 turbos. Didnt have a single cash! Oh! I also played the Supernova Elite freeroll and got beaten heads up. Which kinda sums up how Im running live lately. The freeroll had 45 players. Each player had a €100 bounty on them and if you made the final table you got a $215 or a $530 tourney ticket depending on if the eventual winner beat Barry Greenstein in a heads up match. The winner got $2.5k or $5k again depending on if they beat Barry Greenstein. So I got heads up and we were fairly even in chips so we done a bit of a deal. We gave $1k to whoever came 2nd. Anyway I ended up losing but still got $1k +$500 from bounties + a $530 tourney ticket because the guy who beat me beat Barry. So wasnt too bad for a couple of hours in a freeroll.

Played a few hours online 2 of the nights over there and done much better luckily enough. Played 2 step 6s. The 1st of them was a 9 seater wsop. Got 1 outered on the river in a big pot when we were 6 handed which hurt real bad. Managed to grind my way back into it and eventually finished 3rd for $3k. Played another 9 seater wsop 1 and managed to ship it which felt great considering how shit I had bein doing over there. Putting in a decent amount of hours the past few days since returning home. Doing well across the board. Playing a real mix of games atm. Mtts, regular sngs, hyper turbos and steps. Played 2 step 6s since returning home, a 6 man scoop 1 which I finished 4th in and another 9 man WSOP one tonight which I won. Wuhoo! So thats 2 wsop seats so far. Hoping to win alot more though. And 13/22 for the year in step 6s which is soooooo sick! Especially considering that 16 of those 22 had only I package. I said earlier in the year when I wasnt planning on going for sne I was gonna hit the steps hard and theyd either make or break me. Well so far so good, Ive got off to a start that I couldnt have dreamed of. Not only in the step 6s but in all them. I seem to be constantly accumalating step 6s from step 3s. Hopefully this can continue

The SCOOP is in full flow atm but Ive only played 1 event, 03m. It was $50 rebuy 6 max. 4444 players. I finished 993rd with 660 paid. Planning on playing a few more though but dunno which 1s.
Ive 288k vpps for the year so far which is a fair bit of sne pace, so I need to start grinding more if Im to stay in contention.

Very busy few weeks ahead of live poker. Starting tomorrow with the JP Irish Masters which is being held in the Maldron hotel in Tallaght. Its a €750 buy in with 200-250 players expected. Ive played this event the past 2 years and its great. Excellent structure and alot of recreational players who wouldnt usually play a €750 game make it an excellent tournament. Funny memory from this game last year. Its 1 hour levels and were in level 3. Its a 3 day tournament btw. An old guy calls off his whole stack (which was just under what he started with) facing 2 all ins already with AQs. Needless to say he was in bad shape and was eliminated. When the cards were turned over he says "I havent had a hand all day"!! I thought it was a classic.
Anyway hope I can get back to winning ways on the live scene. Then Wednesday Im off to Nottingham for the 4th leg of the UKIPT. Thats it for now Ill do an update on my progress tomorrow night if Im still in


  1. Hi Mick congrats on the Step 6 continued success, you actually schooled a buddy ofmine pretty hard the other night HU but he was pretty happy with $3k after grinding up a step6 from FPPs :-)

    Anyway just wondering could you do a post here or on irish poker boards about hyper turbo sit n go's or could you point me in direction to where i could get some solid hyper turbo strategy

    ty in advance