Saturday, May 29, 2010

Same old, Same old

Very unenjoyable tournament for me. Completely card dead the whole day and surrounded by people speaking a different language which does my head in. Got AQ twice, lost both times. Got JJ, took down the blinds. Never got AA,KK or QQ the whole day. Eventually busted in level 6 when I got AK for the first time of the tournament blinds 150/300 25 ante, playing just over 10k, raised it up from utg +1 to 800 got reraised from a guy 3 to my left to 2300, I shipped, he dwelled for a while before calling with 77 and held. gg me. I really dont enjoy playing when English isnt the first language at the table. Havent a clue what people are talking about and constantly having to ask the dealer how much is the raise can be very annoying. So not gonna bother with anymore poker. Just gonna enjoy the sun and a few days off.


  1. I have to agree with ya mick when english is not the first language had a similar experience in uruguay and constantly asking how much is that etc and just not being able to chat to many at the table in general

  2. That would have to be annoying not being able to follow the action... just sucks attention away from what you're meant to be doing... ie concentrating on the poker.

    I have a casino background so usually I can visually identify a bet from the other end of the table, but if it's an overchip situation where it could be a call or a raise to a number of different amounts then it's impossible.

    Love the standard live tournament call with 77 there... I mean are you even shipping AJ there? He's getting what, ~1.8/1 on a call, your range is weighted more towards bigger pairs than AK/AQ I would have thought... guess if it's not his tournament life on the line then he can talk himself into it being a flip (right or wrong.)

  3. lol, lot of people saying the same about Alicante Tourney.

  4. LOL! Now you know how I feel when I'm playing at a table full of men yakking on all day about football... iPhone/iPod/iPad needed IMO to escape the boredom.